Prof. Dr. Peter Mizsey



Department of Fine Chemicals and Environmental Technology,

University of Miskolc (ME): Professor Emeritus


Phone number

+36 1 463 3196 (office)

+36 30 935 3270 (mobile)





FII building, 1st floor


Research field

  • clean technologies,
  • membrane separations, membrane filtrations, pervaporation, modelling of pervaporation,
  • biofuel, bioenergy,
  • life cycle assessment,
  • waste reduction in the chemical process industries,
  • sterol recovery from cane wax by extraction or other special recovery method,
  • integrated chemical process design considering controllability and environmental impacts,
  • separation of highly non-ideal mixtures, separation of quaternary non-ideal mixtures, recovery of non-ideal solvents, extractive heterogeneous-azeotropic rectification,
  • optimisation of chemical processes and unit operations,
  • fuel reformer - fuel cell systems for environmentally friendly vehicles,
  • heterogeneous catalytic reactors,
  • production of hydrogen for environmental friendly vehicles,
  • seasonal storage of energy,
  • control of chemical processes having material and energy recycle.

Curriculum vitae (CV)