2023.01.01–2023.05.31: MTA Youth International Conference Scientific Program

Development of hybrid organophilic pervaporation and distillation method for separation of mixture containing heterogeneous azeotropic


2022.01.01–2022.12.31: Scientific Patronage Program – 140699

Comparative evaluation of process wastewater treatment methods: separation methods and incineration


2021.07.01–2022.12.31: NTP-NFTÖ-21-B-0014

Investigation of competitive membrane operations in the chemical industry: development of pervaporation method


2021.05.01–2021.08.31: Hungarian State Eotvos Scholarship – 156628

Evaluation of process wastewater treatment processes by life cycle assessment


2020.09.01–2021.08.31: ÚNKP – 20-4-II-BME-296

Development of carbon-free, large-scale storage of surplus electricity through research on catalytic hydrothermal gasification and carbonization


2020.07.01–2021.06.30: NTP-NFTÖ-20-B-0095

Development of modelling of separation processes in process simulator environment


2020.07.01–2022.06.30: Thematic Excellence Program (TKP) – National Challenges Program - TKP-1-1/PALY-2020

Efficiency enhanced and intelligent manufacturing technology - Intensification of chemical technologies


2019.12.01–2024.08.31: OTKA – 131586

Improvements for circular economy: development of new physicochemical process wastewater treatment methods and their evaluation


2019.09.01–2020.06.30: ÚNKP – 19-4-BME-416

Comparison of process wastewater treatment methods: distillation and membrane processes


2019.05.01–2020.06.30: Thematic Excellence Program (TKP) – TUDFO/51757/2019-ITM

Efficiency enhanced and intelligent manufacturing technology - Intensification of chemical technologies


2018.09.01–2024.05.31: OTKA – 128543

Storage of fluctuating renewable energies with flexible methods: energy and raw materials


2018.09.01–2019.06.30: ÚNKP – 18-4-BME-209

Study of liquid waste treatment processes to design the best practicing technologies


2018.07.01–2019.06.30: NTP-NFTÖ-18-B-0154

Storage of fluctuating renewable electric energies


2017.09.01–2018.06.30: ÚNKP – 17-3-I-BME-022

Storage of variable renewable electric energy via hydrothermal gasification of microalgae biomass


2017.09.01–2020.08.31: Bolyai – 432/17/6

Development of liquid waste treatment in the circular economy


2015.01.01–2019.12.31: OTKA – 112699

Capture of CO2 from biogases and industrial flue gases


2014.09–2016.09: Visegrad Fund – Ecomarket

Prospects of the Visegrad Cooperation in Promoting a Sustainable Consumption and Production Model


2013.12.01­–2016.11.30: 544364-TEMPUS-1-12013-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES

International Joint Master Program on Material and Energy Flow Management


2013.01.01–2015.06.30: Új Széchenyi Terv – KMR_12-1-2012-0066

Selective and complete reutilization of the compounds of waste tires (in the consortium of the Szelence Ltd. and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics)


2010.10.15–2014.03.01: Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Programme – SH 7/2/14

Towards a sustainable fine chemical pharmaceutical industry: screening and re-utilisation of carbon rich liquid wastes


2010–2012: BME-Kutatóegyetem – BEK-P5-T5

TÁMOP 4.2.1/B-09/11/KMR-2010-0002


2009.02.01–2013.01.31: OTKA – 76139

Improvement of sustainable development with green technologies


2004.01.01–2008.12.31: OTKA – 46218

Design and control of EU-conform environmental friendly hybrid processes


2005.01.01–2008.06.30: OTKA – 49849

Sustainable development and consumption with clean technologies and renewable raw materials and energies


2003.01.01–2006.12.31: OTKA – 42600

Research of integrated environmental benign processes with theoretical and experimental methods